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“The state of Ahwaz applauds the struggle and sacrifices of its heroic women: strong as the Zagros mountains, towering like Ahwazi palm trees.


The Executive Committee of the Arab Ahwaz State congratulated the Ahwazi women on International Women’s Day and praised the struggle and fight of the Ahwazi woman for freedom, dignity, and honor, and their sacrifices for the great motherland of all Ahwazis, the beloved Arab Ahwaz State. The heroic Ahwazi women are partners in the struggle and fight alongside Ahwazi men, and their sacrifices for our people’s cause are a crown on the heads of every free Arab Ahwazi, for the Ahwazi woman is a mother, sister, daughter, wife of a prisoner, martyr, wounded, or displaced, and she bears the responsibility for her small family and her larger family, which is the Arab Ahwaz State. The rebellious and liberated Ahwazi heroines are the fuel and support for all revolutionaries and fighters for the freedom of our beloved homeland and our free people.

Throughout decades of struggle and resistance for our beloved nation, the Ahwazi women have marched forward in the ranks of freedom for the Arab state of Ahwaz. Among them are those who have been arrested, imprisoned, or exiled, yet they remain as strong as the towering Zagros mountains, as steadfast as the great river, and as radiant as the Ahwazi sun. On this International Women’s Day, we salute and honor these heroic Ahwazi women, and with their continued struggle and sacrifices, the dawn of freedom will rise again.

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