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The shortage of teachers threatens the educational institutions of Ahwaz, amid the invader’s indifference to finding a solution.


Informants within the Department of Education of the Arab State of Ahwaz have reported a significant lack of teachers in Ahwaz schools, despite the wealth of resources in Ahwaz and the blatant neglect by the Persian occupation. Ahwaz institutions face a major deficiency in teachers, leading to calls for retired teachers to fill this gap.

A report on staffing in Ahwaz indicates a shortage of over 3,400 workers and professionals in administrative and educational sectors. Currently, about 70,000 teachers are working in Ahwaz schools, thereby depriving many Ahwazi youth of a proper education.

Furthermore, beyond the lack of educational and administrative staff, there is a glaring shortage in services, including security personnel and officials.

A previous study highlighted that “education in Ahwaz, under the burden of occupation, is marked by an erosion of identity and a high illiteracy rate.” The study pointed out that while Ahwaz is rich in resources, especially oil, its residents suffer deliberate poverty, impacting the educational system significantly due to the Iranian occupation lasting for decades.

The study also emphasized the intentional neglect of this region by the Iranian regime, even though it supplies more than 75% of its oil exports.

The study addressed several points: firstly, Ahwaz, its setting, and its people; secondly, the educational situation in the region; thirdly, discrimination against Arab students; and fourthly, the issue of teacher shortage.

It also noted that many teachers of Persian origin tend to mock Arab students due to their limited proficiency in Persian, highlighting the acute shortage of trained staff and competent teachers in the Arab region of Ahwaz.

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