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A Rare Photo of Sheikh Khaza’al Al-Kaabi with Sheikh Ghadban Al-Bunni, Amir of the Bani Lam Tribe


Social media users circulated a rare photo of Sheikh Khaza’al bin Jabir Al-Kaabi, the ruler of the Ahwaz State, standing next to Sheikh Ghadban Al-Bunni, the Amir of the Bani Lam tribe in Ahwaz and Iraq.

Politicians and activists confirmed that the photo was taken in 1918, highlighting the strength and brotherhood among the people of Ahwaz and emphasizing the Arab identity of the region, which has been occupied by the Persian occupation.

It is worth noting that Sheikh Ghadban took over the affairs of government in Bani Lam in Iraq after the death of his father, and he was young, but he was able to spread his authority. Most of the dominance was on his side, and among the most important allies of Bani Lam were Bani Ka’b and Kinana. These two tribes were the closest to Ghadban.

The martyr Khazal bin Jaber Al-Kaabi was able to maintain close and strong relations with his cousins, as well as all Arabs, due to his strength and mastery of the affairs of his country, and the status of Al-Ahwaz at that time among countries.

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