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Denial of Medical Care: A Human Rights Report Documents the Crimes of the Iranian Occupation Against Ahwazi Prisoners


A human rights report by the “Karun” Human Rights Organization in Ahwaz has revealed widespread violations against Ahwazi political prisoners in the “Ahwaz Central Prison,” known as “Sheiban Prison,” under Iranian occupation, including denial of medical care, which poses a threat to their lives amid fears of physical elimination of the disabled.

According to the “Karun” human rights report, these Ahwazi detainees face serious health issues and suffer from lack of necessary treatment, threatening their lives.

The report clarified that the Iranian occupying authorities refuse to grant them emergency leave and prevent them from accessing necessary medical treatment.

Some cases of Ahwazi detainees facing death in Sheiban Prison and at risk of physical elimination through medical neglect were mentioned in the report.

These cases include the detainee Sayed Jaber Al-Bushoka, who urgently needs eye surgery, and Sayed Mukhtar Al-Bushoka, suffering from severe typhoid fever. Jaber Al-Sakhrawi suffers from multiple sclerosis and hemorrhaging, while the Ahwazi detainee Ali Al-Sayahi suffers from severe diabetes and heart diseases. Political prisoner Abdol-Imam Al-Zayeri faces enlarged prostate issues.

Additionally, dental and sinus infections, chest pains pose a life-threatening risk to Mohammad Ali Amouri. Ali Al-Halafi, another Ahwazi detainee, urgently requires knee surgery. Ghulam Hussein Kolbi, another political prisoner, suffers from various diseases like ear infections and tooth loss.

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