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The Executive of the Arab Ahwaz State is preparing to launch the satellite channel “State of Ahwaz”


The media committee of the executive, responsible for this initiative, aims to establish a national media platform serving the Ahwazi issue. This endeavor falls within the scope of the executive’s efforts to amplify the voice of the Arab people of Ahwaz on both regional and international stages.

Hakim Al Helfi, the media spokesperson of the Ahwaz executive, affirmed that the “State of Ahwaz” satellite channel is an integral part of the state’s media arsenal. This channel, along with the news website and monthly magazine, will be available in four languages: Arabic, Persian, English, and French.

Al Helfi specified that the “State of Ahwaz” channel will provide a platform for all Ahwazi patriots to express themselves and will serve the aspirations of the Arab people of Ahwaz, who are striving for their freedom and the recovery of their occupied state.

The channel’s programming will include political, cultural, and social programs, spotlighting the identity of the Arab Ahwaz State.

Furthermore, the history of the Arab people of Ahwaz, from ancient times to the present, will be brought to light.

The “Arab Ahwaz State” channel is a crucial component of the efforts undertaken by the media office of the executive to ensure the dissemination of the voice of the Arab people of Ahwaz to Arab nations, governments, and the international community. Its objective is to establish a distinct media presence, highlighting the issues of the Arab people of Ahwaz and shedding light on the reality of the situation within the territory of the Arab Ahwaz State.

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