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Malnutrition threatens the children of Ahwaz amidst the occupation’s negligence to save them


Local sources have revealed the suffering of Ahwaz’s children from malnutrition, amid the Iranian occupation’s policy of marginalizing the Arab Ahwazi people and restricting their employment opportunities and access to Ahwaz’s resources, which are being plundered by the occupation.

The health center in Ahwaz stated that considering the negative effects of malnutrition on children’s growth, physical and mental disabilities, affecting those aged between 6 to 59 months.

According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization in 2022, about 20% of children in Ahwaz suffer from malnutrition. This includes stunted growth, underweight, and obesity, amid a lack of support to eliminate malnutrition, threatening their health.

There are many reasons for malnutrition among children in Ahwaz, including poverty, with about 40% of Ahwaz’s population living below the poverty line, making it difficult for families to provide adequate food for their children.

Marginalized communities in Ahwaz, such as rural and nomadic communities, more commonly suffer from malnutrition.

Malnutrition affects children’s physical and mental health. It can lead to growth problems, weakened immunity, increased risk of diseases, and can also result in learning and behavioral problems.

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