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The Iranian occupation meddles with the World Heritage site in Susa


Cultural heritage activists in the United Arab Ahwaz state have revealed that local authorities under occupation in the city of Susa have begun tampering with the UNESCO World Heritage site in Susa.

Susa, or “al-Sus,” is one of the cities of the United Arab Ahwaz state and is considered one of the centers of Elamite civilization, making it one of the oldest cities in the world.

Elam is regarded as the oldest civilization on this land, with a history of about 7,000 years, with its first archaeological signs dating back to over 5,000 years ago. The capital of Elam, the historic city of Shush, is one of the most important cities.

A cultural heritage activist stated that the local council affiliated with the occupation in the city is not acting in a culturally responsible manner regarding the historic site listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The non-cultural actions of the Susa city council send a message of disregard and lack of appreciation by the occupying authorities for the historical area, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, in terms of preserving the authenticity, integrity, management, and protection of the site.

It is considered that the excavation activities around the “Apadana” palace pose a threat and send a negative message from the occupying authorities towards the Ahwazi history and Elamite civilization.

The building of the Susa city council, located in a prime area 100 meters away from the archaeological site near Apadana palace, should legally be built with a height of seven and a half meters. However, not only is this rule not respected, but with the illegal excavation, it is expected that the building will appear unlawfully tall at 12 meters.

The historic site of Susa was registered as the eighteenth site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. After reviewing the global registration case of the Susa archaeological site, it was recorded on July 13, 2015, at the UNESCO meeting in Bonn, Germany.

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