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Ahwaz Bedouins are another destination of suffering under occupation


The Ahwazi Bedouins live in a difficult living situation in light of the conditions in occupied Ahwaz, as a result of the policy of the Persian occupation against the Ahwazi Arab people.
The life of the Ahwazi Bedouins lacks the basic necessities of life, in light of the difficult living conditions, and the most prominent of these difficulties is the lack of electricity for the Ahwazi Bedouins.
Bedouin families in Ahwaz, Hamidiya, and Karon need more than 5,000 solar panels in order to provide electricity, in the absence of an electricity infrastructure in these areas.
Likewise, Bedouin families in Ahwaz suffer from a lack of water, in light of the drought that hits Ahwaz, and the Persian occupation stole the waters of Ahwaz by constructing dams and extending water pipes into Persian cities.
Also, 39,000 Bedouin families with a population of about 170,000 spend the fall and winter in Ahwaz, from the lack of food commodities, and a severe lack of services and medical care.

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