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Al-Kaabi receives the commander of the Ahwaz Liberation Army, affirming national solidarity and cooperation.


The head of the executive body of the State of Ahwaz, Aref Al-Kaabi, received General Faisal Abdul Karim Al-Taie, one of the leaders of the Ahwaz Liberation Army, at the executive headquarters of the Arab State of Ahwaz. This meeting reflects national solidarity and cooperation.

During the meeting, Al-Kaabi and Al-Taie exchanged brotherly and constructive viewpoints on the Ahwazi national affairs and activities in the upcoming phase.

Al-Kaabi and Al-Taie emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation in achieving the goals of the Ahwazi people in obtaining freedom and justice.

In this context, the Ahwazi leaders praised the national spirit and the sacrifices of the Ahwazi Arab people in their struggle for land liberation and fulfilling their aspirations for freedom and independence.

This visit symbolizes the continuity of national ties and cooperation among various Ahwazi activities, enhancing the hope of achieving the Ahwazi people’s aspirations for freedom, dignity, and prosperity.

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