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Iranian Attempts to Erase Ahwazi Identity Under the Pretext of Restoration


The Iranian occupying authorities
are seeking to erase the historical identity of the Ahwaz State through restoration operations of temples and ancient buildings.

The Iranian occupying authorities recently announced their intention to carry out a series of restoration and renovation operations in the Arab state of Ahwaz, with the aim of erasing the historical identity of this Arab country.

The authorities have stated that they will focus their efforts on restoring temples and ancient buildings dating back to ancient times.

In this context, the Executive President of the Renewal and Improvement Organization in the Ahwaz Municipality announced that the study of the restoration and renovation of the triangular building has been completed, and that this project will begin soon.

This step is part of a broader plan to restore 11 other stone landmarks in Ahwaz by the end of the year.

While this step may seem positive on the surface and hold hope for preserving the cultural and historical heritage of the region, it actually conceals a political agenda aimed at erasing the Arab identity of Ahwaz.

Some sources have indicated that these operations are carried out for political and religious reasons, as the Iranian occupying authorities seek to change the Arab character of Ahwaz and replace it with a Persian character.

It is worth noting that the Arab State of Ahwaz has long suffered from policies of repression and discrimination based on human rights violations and cultural abuses.

The current restoration operations are part of this repressive policy aimed at erasing the Arab identity and erasing any Arab footprint in Ahwaz.

Iranian occupying authorities’ attempts to erase the historical identity of the Arab State of Ahwaz under the pretext of restoring temples and ancient buildings remain a source of concern and condemnation by local residents and human rights activists.

In the face of continued discriminatory and repressive policies, the struggle to preserve the Arab identity and culture of Ahwaz continues, requiring international solidarity and pressure on the Iranian authorities to stop these violations and respect the rights of the Arab people in Ahwaz.

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