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Tragic conditions for children in the women’s section of Sepidar Prison in Ahwaz.


Children in the women’s section of Sepidar Prison in Ahwaz are facing tragic conditions under the control of the Iranian occupation authorities. Approximately 10 children are being held with their mothers, exacerbating their suffering and pain. There is a lack of suitable educational materials for these children, meaning they receive no education. This tragic reality violates children’s rights and deprives them of their entitlements.

These innocent children in Sepidar Prison suffer from appalling neglect that endangers their lives and deprives them of the opportunity for growth and development. Moreover, the children live in difficult and constrained conditions within the prison. They lack adequate healthcare and proper nutrition, negatively impacting their physical and mental growth and development.

This harsh situation that the children in Sepidar Prison endure is the result of repressive policies and mistreatment of prisoners and their children under the Iranian occupation regime. This tyrannical system is responsible for human rights violations, neglect of children, and depriving them of their fundamental right to a dignified life.

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