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Details of the Persian occupation president’s visit to Arab Ahwaz


Persian media outlets confirmed that the plane of the Iranian occupation president landed on Thursday morning at Dezful Airport to begin his field visit to Ahwaz.

The Persian occupation authorities claimed that the visit of the president came to closely examine the problems that some cities, especially the capital Ahwaz, are suffering from, affirming that one of the goals of the visit is to follow up on the implementation of what was decided in his previous visit to Ahwaz.

The occupation is exploiting the occupied lands of Al-Ahwaz to implement more gains, as Raisi is preparing to reopen 160 factories and will open new projects, and he is accompanied on this two-day visit by 11 ministers and five of his aides.

Raisi is also working to steal more water for the Persian depth, which is currently suffering from severe water poverty.

The Persian media also claimed that Raisi’s visit comes to meet with clan heads, dignitaries, job creators, economic and cultural activists, and to hold public meetings for citizens.

During his visit, the occupation president said that Al-Ahwaz is the first line in defending the country’s borders, and therefore officials bear a double responsibility in serving Al-Ahwaz.

This visit received a lot of anger among the Ahwazi community, as the occupied Ahwazi people have a lot of hatred for the Persian occupier, who has been stealing their country’s wealth for decades.

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