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Al Kaabi stated that the new package of American sanctions is an important step towards holding the Iranian regime accountable


The Executive Committee of the Occupied Arab Ahwaz State also expressed its appreciation for the sanctions, which were imposed by the United States and aimed at addressing human rights violations and corruption within the Iranian regime.

Dr. Aref Al Kaabi, President of the Executive Committee of the occupied Arab Ahwaz state, expressed his appreciation for the American and Western efforts in confronting the Iranian regime, stressing that these sanctions are an important step in holding the Iranian regime accountable for human rights violations. Al-Kaabi clarified that the Iranian regime is violating human rights in the Arab Ahwaz occupied state, calling on Washington and the European Union to hold Iran accountable for its violations in Ahwaz.
Al Kaabi also called on Washington, the European Union, and the free world to support the struggle of the Ahwazi Arab people for their just cause, as the crimes of the Iranian regime against the Ahwazi Arab people are crimes against humanity and a violation of international conventions and laws.

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