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Tehran’s plan to steal the Arabian Gulf.. Documents and evidence drop the lies of the dedication


A deputy in the Parliament of the Persian occupation revealed the plan of the Tehran authorities in order to annex parts of the occupied Balochistan on the Persian Gulf, to the Persian province of Isfahan, in order for the Persian Gulf to be Persian.

Persian scheme

The Persian plan was revealed by the deputy in the Parliament of the Persian occupation, Hussein mirzayeen, to transform the Persian province of Isfahan into a coastal province on the Arabian Gulf and the coast of the sea of Oman and the Persian, allegedly taking advantage of its presence on the Gulf and the coast of Oman.


The Persian move comes after the statements of the US Navy and the commander of the US Fifth Fleet in the Arabian Gulf, and the use of the term Arabian Gulf, instead of the alleged Persian Gulf, during its statement about the attempt of the Revolutionary Guard terrorist militias to seize a ship belonging to the US Navy in the Arabian Gulf.

The position of the United States

The US Navy repeated the use of the term Arab Gulf instead of the repeated American use for decades of the term “Persian Gulf” in an American emphasis on the Arabization of the Gulf, which is dominated by Arab countries, on the west coast of the Arabian Gulf are the countries of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, and on the East Coast is the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz.

The position of the American forces is considered an official recognition by the United States of America of the Arabian Gulf and not “Persian” in ending the Persian lies about the term Persian Gulf, and the attempt to falsify reality and history.

The US Navy used the term Arabian Gulf, provoked the Persians, who attacked the accounts of the US Navy on “Twitter”,”Facebook”,”Instagram” and others, claiming that the Gulf is the Persian Gulf, and Arab activists responded to the Persian claims that the Gulf is Arab, an Arab lake with the presence of the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz on the east coast, and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries on the West Coast.

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