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The right of self-determination for the Arab people of Al-Ahwaz to get rid of the Iranian occupation.

Amer Al-Dulaimi
The principle of the right to self-determination is one of the most prominent basic human rights recognized in contemporary international law, and is often implemented by sound democratic means, as a way of life for peoples to achieve their future and determine their path and political choice by themselves, in forming their government without external influence, such as the form of government, by merging with a neighboring political unit or Separation from it, as complete independence, by universal suffrage or referendum, to save peoples from external control, and to demand liberation, and the right of self-determination in international law has developed through the decisions and practices of the international community based on the Charter of the United Nations and has become a legal right that states and peoples have rights and opportunities for. international obligations.
The principle of self-determination is distinguished by legal force from the principles contained in international law. Stimulates peoples who suffer from occupation and colonialism, to aspire to independence and freedom as a human right, and within the general framework of these rights.
It is known and historically proven that the Arab people of Al-Ahwaz, and their land, have been subjected to an illegal Iranian occupation, by military force and coercive methods, in violation of international law, international charters and human rights, with justifications, fraud and distortion of historical facts, under false pretexts to achieve expansionist ambitions, and regional benefits at the expense of the Arab Ahwazi people, as the Iranian regime did not hesitate to violate the rights of the Ahwazi people, the purposes and principles of the United Nations, in maintaining peace and security, and all international treaties and agreements. And actually practice politics
Displacement, settlement, intimidation and extortion against the Ahwazi people. so people
Al-Ahwaz has the right to demand the right to self-determination with a free will towards complete independence in line with the Charter of the United Nations and its resolutions as rights stemming from the right of peoples to self-determination. her dignity and freedom, to self-determination, which is a legal and human right sanctioned by international regulations and covenants. And the people of Al-Ahwaz are waiting for the activation of this right on the ground from all international and humanitarian organizations to support this right in the independent Arab state of Al-Ahwaz out of respect for the law and humanity.

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