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Al-Kaabi: raising the image of the terrorist Soleimani on the UN podium is a shame on the forehead of the great countries


Day after day, the Persian arrogance in recognizing the support of terrorism in the region is multiplying, as long as it has not found a deterrent to such acts of sabotage, and its support for the militia in the Arab countries has become no secret to anyone, Hezbollah has ruined Lebanon, the Houthis have destroyed Yemen, Hamas has lost Palestine, and the Popular Mobilization has lost the prestige of Iraq .

Amid the sight and hearing of the whole world, the head of the Persian occupation state Ibrahim Raisi today raised in the heart of the United Nations a portrait of the terrorist who destroyed the Arab world, killed thousands, displaced families, stole the country’s wealth and violated its sovereignty through the influence of his occupied country, where Raisi raised his portrait of Soleimani in the heart of the United Nations.

The chairman of the Executive Committee for the restoration of the legitimacy of the Arab state of Ahwaz, Dr. Arif Al-Kaabi, commented on this act, saying that the lifting of the image of the terrorist Qassemi Soleimani, whose hand is stained with the blood of the Ahwazi people (Syrian #Yemeni #Iraqi #Lebanese ) by Mullah Raisi from the podium of the UN General Assembly, is a shame on the forehead of the great member states of the Security Council, which claims to defend the publication of human rights.

The former commander of the Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, equipped six armies outside the occupation state to deter attacks on it, and he informed the leaders of the Iranian army three months before his assassination that he had organized six armies outside Iranian territory, with the help of the Iranian army and the”Revolutionary Guard, and created an axis of six armies starting from the Iranian borders, and reaching the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. They are stationed in an area of more than one thousand and 500 kilometers, according to the Persian leadership.

Regarding the militia affiliated with the occupying state, a Persian leader revealed that they are “the Syrian army, the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Popular Mobilization in Iraq, the Ansar Allah forces (Houthis) in Yemen, the Islamic resistance movement (Hamas) and the Islamic Jihad in Palestine, and that “if the enemy wants to target the Iranian regime, he must confront these armies first.

It is worth mentioning that Soleimani was killed in a raid by US forces in Baghdad along with the head of the “Popular Mobilization” in Iraq, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, early last year .

By order of Khamenei, Soleimani took charge of Iranian foreign policy in several countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, where he chooses the cadres of Iran’s embassies from among the officers of the Iranian “Revolutionary Guard”, that is, he manages the Iranian influence Project on a wider scale than Arab countries, and not only in the Arab region, and some consider him the de facto leader of the military wing of the Lebanese”Hezbollah”.

The more the people demand them to stop spending on the militia in the Arab region because of the suffering of the people from poverty and unemployment, the more they finance these gangs, and earlier a Persian leader came out and confirmed what the Persian occupation state receives from money and influence from the Arab region, addressing critics of Persian interventions in Syria and Iraq .

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