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The United Nations report sheds light on the violations of the repressive regime in Al-Ahwaz


The United Nations issued its new report on human rights in the Iranian occupation state, which, of course, did not overlook what is happening in the occupied Arab Ahwaz of imprisonment, killing and violations.
Where Javed Rahman, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Iranian occupation state, referred to the water shortage protests in the occupied Arab Ahwaz.
Rahman cited the suppression of water shortage protests in 20 cities in the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz last summer as an example of the use of force and violence by government forces against the right to peaceful assembly.
Rahman added that security forces, riot police and plainclothes officers killed at least eight, including two children, and injured dozens during the Ahwaz protests, using illegal violence and shooting at protesters demanding water.
This is in addition to the executions carried out by the Iranian occupation state against the Ahwazi people, as well as the number of deaths in Iranian prisons and detention centers, and the widespread and arbitrary detention of human rights defenders.

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