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Strike of Ahwazi Workers in Al Houeizah City Against Occupation


Workers of the contractors working at the Jofair company and refinery in Al Houeizah city in Ahwaz went on strike, organizing a protest demonstration at the company’s premises.

This strike comes as a protest against the non-payment of salaries, job benefits, and the low level of wages, as well as the occupation authorities’ disregard for the demands of the union and the living conditions in light of the poor economic situation.

Coinciding with this, the workers of the Sugar Cane Company in the city of the Seven Hills, in the occupied Arab state of Al-Ahwaz, organized a protest march, to protest against the deterioration of living conditions and low salaries, and the indifference of the officials concerned with the demands of the union and the family and mismanagement, and they chanted slogans such as “Death to the oppressor… peace for the worker” and “workers are a unit of unity.”

The cane workers are protesting against “not dealing with poor living conditions,” “not increasing the salary,” “not receiving arrears,” “the job classification plan,” “discrimination in changing employment status,” and “calculating and paying 25% salary equalization.”

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