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Arab League Summit in Algeria … Aref al Kaabi appreciates the results of the Arab Foreign Ministry meeting and confirms that Ahwaz is the first topic.



Mr. Aref Al Kaabi, Chief Executive of the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz, welcomed the preparatory meeting of Arab foreign ministers for the Arab Summit in Algeria, appreciating the items to be discussed by the Arab foreign ministers in preparation for the Arab Leaders Summit.

Mr. Aref Al Kaabi appreciated what he described as the remarkable radical change on the list, pointing out that, if anything, this indicates that in the upcoming Arab summits, Ahwaz will be the first issue because it is organically linked to the Arab national security threatened by Iran, which has allowed it to occupy Ahwaz and the three islands and its control of the five Arab capitals, the first of which is Al Ahwaz, the capital of the occupied emirate.

He added: If we look at the items on the agenda of the Arab foreign ministers in the preparatory conference of Arab foreign ministers, which include Arab national security and differences with Iran, we must pay attention and bear in mind that Al-Ahwaz is an Arab country that was an independent state until 1925 according to the standards of the era of the League of Nations and not just an Arab community You crave liberation or separation now from the state of Iran. The problem now is to remember Ahwaz and liberate it. Thus, we expect the Ahwazi issue to be the main and first issue on its future agendas, God willing, in response to Iran’s threats to Arab national security.


Al-Kaabi appealed to the Arab brothers and leaders to pay attention to the fact that the differences with Iran and its threat to Arab national security are permanently, decisively and finally resolved in accordance with international law. He clarifies his priority to the Arab brothers, expressing his thanks and appreciation to all Arab leaders.

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