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A very hot summer… Warnings of a water crisis in Ahwaz


Official reports warned of a major water crisis in the occupied Ahwaz during the summer of 2022, that the water shortage threatens to erupt a popular revolution in the occupied cities of Ahwaz.
The National Center for Climate and Drought Crisis Management expected a decrease in dam water reserves compared to the normal rate, and a 35% decrease in rainfall compared to the normal rate.
“There is great concern about the water supply in the spring and summer,” he added, explaining that most of Ahwaz’s cities experienced less rain than usual and varying degrees of drought.
The observatory expected that severe agricultural drought will occur during 2020, the drought periods in the past two decades were much greater than the normal rainfall and rainy season, however, the extraction of water from aquifers has increased at an unprecedented rate.

The water shortage threatens more than 700 villages in Ahwaz, and more than 50% of the villages do not enjoy safe drinking water.
Improper extraction of water resources in recent decades, along with persistent drought, has put a large part of Iran’s population at risk of drought and forced migration.
Despite warnings from environmental activists that the occupation authorities should take immediate measures to confront the water crisis, the mullahs’ regime failed to fund water supply and environmental protection projects.

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