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Al Kaabi: Restoring the Arab state of Ahwaz is very soon.


The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Ahwaz State, Dr. Aref Al Kaabi, believes that the restoration of the Arab State of Ahwaz is very soon. Moving for this dream is not the result of the current uprising in the street against the regime, but more than a decade ago. the return of the Arab State of Ahwaz constitutes the impregnable dam between the Arab States and the evil of Iran, The occupation has come to realize that Ahwaz will regain its State and therefore steal the greatest wealth of the Ahwazi State.

The importance of the Arab State of Ahwaz
Kaabi says in lengthy interview with international news agency STEP on the movements of the Ahwazi people to restore their State, and on the features of the future of the Ahwazi State and the importance of the state’s restoration of Ahwazi to Arab national security, that the move to restore the Arab state of Ahwaz did not come against the backdrop of recent protests in the Iranian street And the Ahwazi Arab people are not partners in these protests, and the movement was not in the direction of Ahwaz Arab States. But the move has been for more than ten years and is not the result of recent protests, Gaining regional and international support was a prelude to recognition of the Arab State of Ahwaz in the event it was declared.

The country’s dream is near
Al-Kaabi added that during the next few years, this dream will be realized with the establishment of the state of Al-Ahwaz, and the benefit will spread to everyone, not only Arab national security, but also securing energy for the world from oil and gas and the wealth Iran exports from Al-Ahwaz, and Tehran spends its money on supporting terrorist groups and militias. In the region, which constitutes an end to the terrorist threats to the region and the world.
Al-Kaabi added, “We are approaching this dream, and there is great hope that the state of Al-Ahwaz will be a barrier and an impenetrable dam between the evil of Iran and the Arab nation.”

Al-Kaabi continued, saying: “Indeed, we do not fight for separation from Iran. Separation means separation of the branch from the origin, and Al-Ahwaz is the eastern bank of the Arabian Gulf, and it is not part of Iran. Al-Kaabi was martyred in the occupation prisons.

Al-Kaabi went on to say that we are not striving for separation from Iran, because separation means separating the branch from the origin, and Al-Ahwaz is the eastern bank of the Arabian Gulf, and it is not part of Iran. Occupation.

ending the occupation
Therefore, we are fighting for the liberation of the Al-Ahwaz homeland from the Iranian occupation, as Tehran occupied the Al-Ahwaz state militarily in 1925, which does not constitute a violation of international law by occupying a sovereign and recognized state at that time, so what happened in 1925 was a military invasion by the Iranian army of the independent state of Al-Ahwaz Therefore, our struggle is for self-defense and the right to liberation in accordance with international charters and laws. Therefore, we are not separatists, but rather we have the right to restore freedom and the occupied Arab lands.
He added, “There is no doubt about that, if the Iranians reach a complete conviction that Al-Ahwaz will be liberated and freed from their grip, they will deal with Al-Ahwaz as scorched earth, and they began to do so more than two decades ago, and deal with the Al-Ahwaz revolutions as a spoil, and get it before it escapes from their hands, so the occupation dealt with Al-Ahwaz are treated as a “thief” and not as a “owner of the land.” They are sure that Al-Ahwaz will not remain a captive for long under their occupation, so the issue of liberating it and restoring the Al-Ahwazi state is a matter of time, so they work with all their insults to steal as much as possible of Al-Ahwaz’s natural wealth, including oil, gas, water, and others.

He explained that the announcement of the establishment of the state of Al-Ahwaz will be in cooperation with non-Persian nationalities, and the weakness of the authority of governance and the political system in Tehran, which will enable us to defend Al-Ahwaz in the face of the force of terrorism expected to be practiced by the Iranian army.


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