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Despite its fortunes…  Ahwaz has the worst Roads in the World


The Arab State of Ahwaz faces many problems with the issue of road routes. This has led to an increase in accidents on the roads of Ahwaz, as the Persian occupation neglects the infrastructure of the Ahwaz, despite its rich wealth, especially oil and gas.

Rural areas are the most suffering areas with road infrastructure that have not received much attention over the past decades, and the suffering of the Ahwazi people may end when modern roads are provided that contribute to development and progress.

Statistics show that the number of victims in road accidents in Al-Ahwaz, according to the Program Management and Budget Authority in the occupied Arab state of Al-Ahwaz, Al-Ahwaz roads are among the worst roads in terms of quality and volume of traffic, which made it top the rates of road accidents in the Middle East.

According to the estimates made, there are 133 accident-prone sites on the roads of the province, which require 860 billion tomans of credit for their repair. The cities of Karun, Masjid Sulaiman, Salhiyeh, Behban, Qantara Qala, Sous, Tester, and Al-Ahwaz witnessed a high rate of accidents during 2022. .
Motorcycle accidents constitute 50 of the road accidents this year, in light of the deteriorating conditions of roads and lighting in the streets, despite the capabilities of the oil-rich Arab state of Al-Ahwaz, but the Persian occupation spends the money and wealth of occupied Al-Ahwaz to improve the conditions of the cities and the Persian people.
The report of the Director General of Forensic Medicine in occupied Al-Ahwaz revealed that the number of deaths and injuries in road accidents in occupied Al-Ahwaz increased by 11% in three months (April-May/May-June) compared to the same period last year, which indicates To the inaction of the Persian occupation in the road infrastructure in occupied Ahwaz.

During the three months, 4,938 people were injured in traffic accidents in occupied Ahwaz, which increased by 28% compared to the same period last year, compared to 3,877 people during the same period in 2021.

The number of deaths due to traffic accidents this year also reached 258 people (217 men and 41 women), which is an increase of 11% compared to the same period last year, when there were 233 people (201 men and 32 women).

The Director General of Forensic Medicine in Al-Ahwaz said: Some of the deaths resulting from traffic accidents are due to citizens’ lack of knowledge of taking basic measures to provide assistance to the victims of the accident.

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