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The similarity between the rulers of ” Elam” and the Sons of Ahwaz


Considering the history of the rulers of “Elam” may reveal to us the secret of the struggle of Ahvaz at the moment towards the Persian occupation of the region, as the rulers defended their city and recovered it several times, the Sons of the region are trying in the current period to complete the struggle of their ancestors by trying to liberate Ahwaz from the Iranian occupation that occupied the city in 1925.

The Iranian army entered the city of Al-Mahmara in 1925 to overthrow it and the overthrow of the last ruler of Al-Kaabi at that time, Khazal Jaber Al-Kaabi, and the commander of the Iranian forces was Reza Khan, and the original reason for the occupation of the Ahwaz region is because it is rich in Natural Resources (Oil and gas) and fertile agricultural lands, where it has one of the largest rivers in the region, the Karon River, which irrigates a fertile agricultural plain in which Ahvaz is located, the Ahwaz region is the main producer of crops such as sugar and corn is in Iran today.

Since that date, the region has witnessed a number of uprisings against the Persian occupation in order to return the region to its Arabness, and the people of the region refrain from any political participation with Iran so as not to create a fake legitimacy from Iran on the occupied Arab region.

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