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Components of the Ahwaz State. Al Kaabi answers the most important Arab and international question about Ahwaz


The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Ahwaz State, Dr. Aref Al Kaabi, affirmed that the Arab State of Ahwaz possesses the three components of the State, including territory, people and political leadership.

In a lengthy dialogue with the state news agency STEP, Al Kaabi said that many international and Arab parties have asked us the question of what are the components of the Arab Ahwaz state, so we say that the state has three components: geography, “territory,” population, “people” and political leadership.

Al-Kaabi continued, saying: The first component is geography, as the area of ​​Ahwaz is 385 thousand square kilometers from the Arab coast to the Strait of Bab al-Salam “Hormuz”, that is, the entire eastern shore of the Arabian Gulf, and it controls the strait.

Al-Ahwaz contains 85% of the oil and gas exported by Tehran, and an area of 385 thousand square kilometers is equivalent to three Arab countries, namely Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, with all our respect to the Arab countries, and this indicates that the first component of the state is the region of Al-Ahwaz.

He added that the second pillar is the people, as the Al-Ahwazi Arab people exceeded 13 million people, and the third pillar is the political leadership, which is available to the Al-Ahwaz people. That is, the three pillars of the state are available for the establishment of the Arab state of Al-Ahwaz.

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