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Ahwazi young man commits suicide after being tortured in Khamenei prisons


In continuation of the Persian occupation crimes against the Ahwazi Arab people, 19-year-old Ahwazi citizen Abbas Al Mansouri committed suicide just a week after his release.
Abbas Al Mansouri was arrested during demonstrations in the city of Alsous and subjected to severe torture inside his prison.

Khamenei’s militia threatened Mansouri’s family after his death, and took from them a pledge not to hold a memorial service for him.
The Ahwazi Human Rights Organization referred to the poor health of Al-Mansouri during the past week, and announced that the young Al-Ahwazi had told his relatives that (the prison authorities) had given him pills and an injection two days before his release.
She pointed out that the young man was in good health before his arrest and was not taking any kind of medication.

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