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Building dams in Ahwaz is considered a back-up to the Persian displacement policies


When Ali Khamenei assumed the position of Supreme Leader, 90% of the Iranian economy became under the control of the Revolutionary Guards, and this led to the destruction of Iran’s infrastructure, in addition to the theft of public money and the increase in corruption rates. The Revolutionary Guards now owns companies in the oil and gas sectors, as well as land and sea transportation and aerial.

Over the past thirty years, the IRGC has built hundreds of dams in Iran, including the land of Ahwaz. Given that the establishment of these dams was carried out without any study or research on climatic and geographical influences, but rather in implementation of the financial interests of the IRGC in most cases; This has caused irreparable damage to the environment and surrounding cities.

Ahwaz researcher Taher Malkani told Sky News Arabia that the Ahwazis are regularly subjected to oppression and persecution, up to the point of thirst, and explained the Iranian authorities’ experience of the policy of pressure at the highest level in order to push the residents of Al-Ahwaz towards immigration, from political exclusion to deprivation of development, employment and investment in the vast underground wealth in their areas, and of course in addition to the clear racial discrimination in the official media.

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