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The Executive Committee of the Ahwaz State and the European Council organize an international forum for security and peace in the Middle East and Iran’s destabilizing role


The Executive Committee of the State of Al-Ahwaz and the European Council in Brussels have announced the organization of an international forum on security and peace in the Middle East. This initiative is part of their joint efforts to enhance security and stability in the region.

The forum is scheduled to take place in the International Conference Hall in Brussels next April.

It will witness the participation of a number of prominent international and Arab figures, along with representatives from relevant international organizations.

The forum will focus on discussing security issues that threaten international peace and security, with a special emphasis on Iran’s destabilizing role in the region.

The event is expected to highlight the current and future challenges facing the Middle East and to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences among experts and decision-makers.

The organizers encourage individuals and institutions interested in the security and peace issues of the Middle East to participate and contribute to the discussion sessions and workshops that will be held during the forum.

This forum represents an important opportunity for international cooperation and the promotion of dialogue between various concerned parties. The organizers hope it will contribute to laying practical steps towards achieving security and peace in the region.

For those interested in obtaining more information about the conference and how to register, please visit the website or contact the executive committee via email: [email protected].

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