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The Executive Committee of Ahwaz confirms that Iran’s maneuvers in the Ahwazi Strait carry hostile messages to regional countries.


The Executive Committee of the Arab state of Ahwaz has condemned the joint naval maneuvers conducted today by Iran, Russia, and China near the Ahwazi Strait. This comes just two days after the Saudi-Iranian agreement, which was a provocative act aimed at strengthening the Persian state in the Arab Gulf.

Dr. Aref Al-Ka’bi, the head of the Executive Committee of the Arab state of Ahwaz, said that the military maneuvers in the occupied Ahwazi Strait carry indirect messages and reveal evil plans and intentions by the Persian occupying state to threaten regional security, especially in the Arab Gulf and international navigation in the Ahwazi Gulf.
Al-Ka’bi added that these Iranian military maneuvers on the land and waters of the Arab state of Ahwaz confirm without a doubt that the expansionist authorities in Tehran, which occupy countries and manipulate the resources and peoples of the region, are sending messages of power projection against the Arab Gulf states.

He explained that military maneuvers on the territory of an occupied Arab state constitute a violation of international conventions, and warned that these maneuvers indicate that the Iranian regime will not abandon its expansionist project in the region.
The maneuvers serve as a military rehearsal for what may happen in the near future, with potential confrontations between major powers on land and in Arab waters.

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