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The cities of Ahwaz… Quneitra Al-Qal’a, a city with captivating natural beauty.


The prefecture of Quneitra Al-Qal’a is one of the prefectures of the Arab State of Ahwaz, covering an area of 4,762 square kilometers. It is divided into 4 districts, 11 hamlets, and 11 cities. It is notably famous for hosting the largest waterfall in the Middle East.

The population of the Quneitra Al-Qal’a prefecture is approximately 543,971 inhabitants, making it the second-largest city in terms of population in Ahwaz.

Location of Kenitra Castle

Kenitra El Qalaa Governorate is located between 48 degrees 20 minutes to 48 degrees 31 minutes east of the Greenwich longitude and between 32 degrees and 75 minutes north of the equator.

The presence of the Daz River or the “Lower Karun” River in the Quneitra Governorate is the most abundant river in Ahwaz, and so far 5 bridges have been built over it, in continuation of the racist Persian occupation policy of stealing Ahwaz water.

The seasonal Mahor Brenji River is also one of the other rivers of Kenitra Castle. The Dez Dam is located north of the city.


Kenitra Castle Waterfall

One of the most important landmarks of the Shui Waterfall in the city of Kenitra is the castle, with a height of 85 meters and a width of 70 meters. It is considered the largest natural waterfall in the Middle East.

In 2013, Shui Waterfall was registered on the Natural Heritage List. The vegetation around this waterfall consists of trees such as willow, fig, fig, orzo, maple and oak.

It came from a mountain called “Chorvik” from the cave and after a long passage it flows down with strong blows, the same sound of water hitting the rocks that was your guide to reaching it. This water passes through many mountains and valleys and finally flows into the Dez Dam Lake.

The best time to visit Shivi Waterfall is late March and spring, especially from mid-April to mid-May. During these days, Shivi enjoys cool and fresh air and the surrounding nature is green and stunning as well.

Old Kenitra Castle Bridge

The old Quneitra Citadel Bridge, which is more than 17 centuries old, is the oldest bridge in Al Al. It is said to have been built by Roman prisoners in the time of “Shapur I of Sassanid” and was restored later.


When you stand on the bridge, it is as if all of history is in front of you and under your feet. Today, this bridge connects the east and west of Kenitra Citadel.

In Quneitra Castle, traces of the Elam civilization, the Sassanian state, and the roots of its existence dating back to 5000 years BC.

As for the Valley of the Spirits, the mills and structures dating back to the Achaemenid era and registered on the UNESCO heritage list, they are among the most prominent tourist areas in the city.

Doesn’t Kenitra, the ancient castle, deserve some attention for its antiquities? To be an attraction for tourists, and to reach the greatest lovers of nature and beauty in the world.


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