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Al Kaabi discusses the situation in Ahwaz with the advisor to the Belgian Prime Minister and the risks of Iranian terrorist threats.


Dr. Aref Al Kaabi, the Head of the Executive Committee of the occupied Arab Ahwaz State, received Mr. Kurt De Beuf, the advisor to the Belgian Prime Minister, at the headquarters of the Executive Committee of the Arab Ahwaz State in Brussels on Thursday, February 16th.

This visit comes in the wake of the recent events in Iran, including the widespread demonstrations throughout Persia in general, and the plight of our Ahwazi people in particular. Dr. Al Kaabi discussed some details with his guest, the advisor to the Belgian Prime Minister, regarding the humanitarian situation faced by our people in Ahwaz, especially the racial discrimination used by the Persian occupation state against the Arab people of Ahwaz.

Al Kaabi also addressed the human rights situation in the occupied Arab Ahwaz, and the situation of political prisoners from the Arab people of Ahwaz inside the occupation’s prisons. He emphasized Tehran’s policy of issuing executions based on fabricated charges, false evidence, and forced confessions obtained through brutal torture, in order to justify these sentences to the international community as being legally justified.

Furthermore, Al Kaabi explained to the esteemed advisor Mr. Kurt De Beuf the dire situation in Iran as a whole, describing the criminal violations committed by the Iranian authorities against the peoples within Iran.

The two sides also discussed the situation in the region, and the risks of Iranian terrorist threats to regional security, particularly in relation to energy security and international navigation in the future.

In conclusion, Al Kaabi expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the esteemed advisor for his visit.

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