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“The crisis of national identity in Iran” is an outstanding book by an Ahwazi writer


 In an attempt to shed light on the problems plaguing the existence of the Iranian occupation state, the book “the crisis of national identity in Iran”was recently published by the ahwawi writer, Ahmad Rahma Abbasi

The book is published by Dar Dijla publishers and distributors Amman – Jordan, and is a translation of the book of the deceased Dr. Ali Al-Tai, which was published in 1999 in Persian under the title:”Bahran Hoyt Qomi der Iran”.

Several Ahwazi websites shed light on this literary work, and on its author, as Al – Tai was born in 1942 in Busaiteen district, west of Ahwaz-in a family characterized by knowledge, literature and poetry, and the roots of this family go back to the Tay tribe, and he died in 2018.

He finished his primary and secondary studies in the city of Ahvaz, and then entered the University of Tehran. He stayed there for 14 years and received a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree in Social Sciences.

The Ahwazi writer did several studies, including (displaced people from Iraq to Iran) and another study on (spending youth leisure time in Tehran), before traveling to the United States .

Dr. Ali Al-Tai received his PhD in 1982 and his thesis was “the theory of social revolution focusing on the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the revolution of the late leader Gamal Abdel Nasser”.

Then he worked at the media office of the league of Arab states in the city of “Dallas”, Texas, and also lectured with distinguished specialties at several foreign universities.

He has published three books in Persian in Iran, namely: “Bahran Hoyt nationalist der Iran “(the crisis of national identity in Iran) and” Arab traitor nest” (the Arab is not a traitor) and finally the book of naghfeh ha (which is not to be said). these books have received wide attention in Iran, especially among the Ahwazi people.


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