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Al-Ahwaz assassination… Coastal pollution threatens life in Maashur


In a continuation of the policy of slow assassination by the fascist occupation of the Ahwazi people, the environmental protection in Ahwaz warned of the high pollution in the waters of Ahwaz.
She explained that the coasts of Ahwaz, especially the port of Bandar Maashur, are facing a noticeable rise in marine pollution, which threatens the lives of fishermen and the Ahwazi Arab people in this region.
There are more than 10,000 hectares of fish and shrimp farms in Ahwaz, which are considered the best farms in the world for fish production. They are threatened by marine pollution as a result of the activity of transporting and unloading ships in the port of Maashur, industrial waste from the activities of petrochemical units and some small industries, and waste from Khorramshahr, Shadkan, Abadan and Bandar Imam and shovel.
According to studies, the coasts of Ahwaz are highly polluted in terms of mercury and their mercury content is much higher than the standards, which poses a serious threat.”
Also, the production of “Barak” salt, which is extracted from the coasts of Ahwaz and is estimated at one and a half million tons annually, representing 5% of the extraction of sea salt in the world, is also threatened, which constitutes a drain on the resources and wealth of the Ahwazi Arab people.
Maroun Petrochemical Company and Tondjovian Petrochemical Company are one of the main threats to food throughout Ahwaz but now.
The pollution of the coasts of Ahwaz also threatens the rare and migratory birds, as Ahwaz is home to the rarest birds in the world and a strange sight in these places, including the established “Dara” marine reserve, in addition to the largest breeding and hatching colony of flamingos in the coastal areas.
The activity of ships and traffic has severely affected the coastal areas, fuel smuggling operations, and the sudden dumping of fuel in the coastal strip and Khuriyat al-Ahwaz are also among the threats that must be taken basic measures and solutions.

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