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Report: Worsening Sewage Problem in Ahwaz


Cities in the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz are facing a serious problem related to the shortage and poor quality of sewage water, which is considered an urgent issue threatening the health and safety of Ahwazis and significantly impacting the local environment.

Local sources indicate that most cities and villages in Ahwaz suffer from a shortage of sewage networks, lacking adequate sewage systems, which constitutes a major crisis, amid the Iranian occupation’s failure to address this issue despite Ahwaz’s wealth of oil and gas, which places it among developed countries.

According to the database of the Iranian occupation authorities, the main plan for the sewage system in Ahwaz has only been implemented by 40% due to the lack of necessary funding for the planned implementation.

Ahwazi activists have pointed out that the lack of funding for infrastructure development in Ahwaz is the main challenge facing the officials of the sewage company in Ahwaz, in securing the necessary funding for infrastructure development projects and the establishment of treatment plants.

The decline in the implementation rates of the sewage project in Ahwaz has led to anger among the Arab people of Ahwaz against the discriminatory and marginalizing policies of the occupation compared to the services in Persian cities.

Ahwazi activists have warned that the disposal of sewage water into surface water channels without treatment or purification leads to the pollution of groundwater and water bodies, thus threatening the health of the population and the environment.

The activists have called on the Iranian occupation authorities to focus on developing and expanding sewage networks in the region to ensure the availability of services to the largest possible number of residents.

They also called for the development of treatment plants by working to establish sewage treatment plants to improve water quality and reduce environmental pollution.

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