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A new environmental disaster added to the crimes of the criminal Khamenei regime against the Arabs


After the Great River dried up, the Iranian occupation authorities deliberately burned the river stretching from Ahvaz to Iraq.

Such actions may cause a new environmental disaster in addition to the crimes of the criminal Khamenei regime against the Arabs and their natural resources in Ahwaz .

Earlier, reports revealed the plans of the Persian occupation state after the drying up of Ahwaz to convert lands into real estate lands to establish residential communities, and it is preparing to transfer new settlers there, under the scheme of demographic change in the occupied Ahwaz.

In recent years, Ahwaz has witnessed the destruction of the environment by the Persian occupation, he has clearly noticed the negative effects of forty years of looting, incompetence, negligence and stupidity by officials and institutions imbalance the right of the environment in Ahwaz.

The occupation authorities turned a land full of forests, rivers and lakes into dry land in order to transfer more Persian settlers to these areas.

There are more than 700 villages in Ahvaz that lack drinking water, and the Great Horn wetland, which was a source of all kinds of fish, a place for buffaloes to play and was naturally the source of income for many ahvazians, has dried up today, as well as the deliberate drying of these wetlands due to the discovery of oil in that area. The result of these crimes was the death of thousands of species of Fish and hundreds of cattle buffaloes.

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