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Persian settlement in Ahwaz..priorities of occupation governments throughout the ages


Partition projects are at the top of the priorities of Khamenei’s government. Since the Iranian occupation authorities have worked since taking control of Al-Ahwaz and stealing its wealth, the Persians and the persecution of the Arabs for the demographic change, and this is what is known as the Persian settlement in Al-Ahwaz.

Despite the neglect of Khamenei’s governments in the country’s affairs in general, he cares about these settlements, as these settlements are distinguished from the Ahwazi Arab regions and neighborhoods in that they contain an integrated service and security infrastructure and accommodate large numbers of Iranians who are brought from outside Al-Ahwaz and resettled in the region.

And despite the successive divisions of the occupation, the Ahwazi people will not remain silent over their right and have continued to defend such existential issues, and this has cost them a lot of blood. Director of the office of the former Iranian occupation chief Khatami on the project to change the demographic nature in Al-Ahwaz for the benefit of the Iranians.

After the spread of this message, a huge Arab uprising broke out in the occupied land, which was severely suppressed by the occupation authorities.

Where the Ahwazis said about the project at the time that it was a systematic ethnic cleansing, for the benefit of the settler groups in the Arab lands belonging to the occupied Arab Ahwaz.

In September 2005, in a very advanced stage of revealing the Iranian settlement plans in Al-Ahwaz, the Ahwazi Sunni Islamic Organization revealed a huge Iranian project run by a Persian institution to displace Arabs from a very large area in the south of Al-Ahwaz, which is the Kasbah area on the coast of the Arabian Gulf for a land that extends for 100 km and a width of 12 How much on the pretext of establishing a free zone.

And in October 2008 alone, it was documented the displacement of 500 Ahwazi families from the Shuaibia area and bringing Iranian settlers to their place within the Iranian plans to subjugate Al-Ahwaz.

The report of the Foundation for National Studies of Ahwaz revealed earlier about a Persian project to settle five million Persians in Ahwaz in the medium term and settling 11 million within the twentieth plan in settlement cities in the capital Ahwaz (Ramin and Shirin).

The project monitors settlement and land theft since the Iranian invasion of 1925 to transform the area of ​​Al-Ahwaz as a land from 375,000 square kilometers to 163,000 km. The Iranian project also provides for dividing the rest of Al-Ahwaz as a single geographical unit into three provinces to eliminate the dream of Ahwazi independence.

This is considered the largest process of demographic change implemented by the occupation authorities in the Arab region, and it consists of three phases under the names of forming three governorates.

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