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Publication of the magazine “Ahwaz State” in four languages. Arabic, French, Persian and English


As part of its endeavours to serve the Ahwazi cause and convey its voice to Arabic-speaking and non-Arabic-speaking people, the new December 2022 issue of the magazine “The State of Ahwaz” was published in Arabic, Persian, English and French.

In its four languages, the magazine aims to convey the voice of the Ahwazi people to international institutions and European States and to familiarize the peoples of the world with the Ahwazi cause and interests, to clarify the dimensions of the Ahwazi issue and the struggle of the Ahwazi Arab people, which constitutes an important step in the efforts of the Information Office for the Implementation of the Ahwaz State, and supports its tendencies in addressing the peoples of the world and international institutions about the violations to which the Ahwazi people are subjected by the Persian occupation.

The magazine was published in the four languages monthly and a PDF file is also available in this group’s telegram. For this month, the magazine deals with events and analyzes related to the conditions and conditions of Ahwaz, in addition to the statements and actions of the Executive Committee of the State of Ahwaz.

The content of this issue also includes, in its four languages, the statements of the Executive Committee of the Arab State of Al-Ahwaz, regarding “the plot of the Tehran government in Izh” and “supporting the Kurds and condemning the massacre against the Kurdish people by the government of the mullahs of Tehran” and the current issues in Al-Ahwaz and the region.

The magazine also published news of the arrests and violations of the Ahwazi people, explaining the position of the Ahwazi people in the recent protests. By addressing the history of Ahwaz.

The media team of the Executive of the occupied Arab state of Al-Ahwaz completed these issues and distributed them free of charge with citizens and other free people who care about Al-Ahwaz and the history of this occupied nation.



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