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July 1915.. The Egyptian newspaper Al-Omran talks about the prosperity of the emirate of Arabistan under the leadership of Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi


A report by the Al – Omran newspaper-printed in Egypt by its director, Abdel-Masih Al-Antaki, praised the progress, construction and urbanization in the Arab Ahwaz.

The newspaper said in its July 1915 issue that what Ahwaz is witnessing, led by its emir, Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi, is a striking example in light of the destruction and devastation experienced by the Islamic lands.

The newspaper pointed out that Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi, a man of “construction” and construction, the Ahwaz today (the time of Sheikh Khazal Ali) is a house of construction and construction.

Abd Al-Masih Al-Antaki ” followed the approach of some ancient poets who lived in the shadow of the caliphs; he saw in his relationship with Sheikh Khazal, the Emir of Shatt al-Arab in Al-muhammara, and praised him what could embody the relationship of poets with the caliphs, so he linked his life with his life, limited his poetry more to praising him, and edited a series of articles that exaggerated the description of its age and prosperity.”

Christ of Antioch says of Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi,”with a narrow mouth, free-natured, attractive eyes, eloquent in tone, meek and friendly to his guests, honorable of emotions with grace and fluency, Halim when able, compassionate to those who are guilty, pious and pious, a sincere Muslim who prays five times, a valiant hero during the clash of wars (Al-Durr Al-Hassan in the emirate of Arabistan:30-29).

Abd Al-Masih Antaki is an Egyptian of Syrian origin, a writer of smooth style, a glorious poet, who published the newspaper Al-Imran at the beginning of 1895, which lasted twelve years.

Among his works on Ahwaz are” Al-Hasan’s Al-Durr in the emirate of Arabistan”, or” Al-Hasan’s Al-Durr in the systems and praises of Mawlana MU’izz Al-Sultanate Sardar, His Highness Sheikh Khazal Khan, Emir of muhammara, its ruler and head of its tribes, including his praises in Khazal Al-Kaabi, 1908″,” the blooming Riyadh between Kuwait and muhammara, 1907″, and”Riyadh al-Khazali in human politics, or the best pen plan in ethics and governance, jointly with Khazal Al-Kaabi, 1911.

Abdul Masih Al-Antaki Bey, the owner of the Al-Omran newspaper in Egypt, Sultan Kamil Hussein I, the great Sultan of Egypt, wrote about the admiration of Egyptians for what he wrote about the emirate of Arabistan and its emir Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi, saying, “people have long admired what we published about the protected emirate of Al-muhammara and the greatness of its noble and just Prince MU’izz Al-Sultanate Sardar and the charitable invitations to His Royal greatness are directed to your royal high self”.

Abd Al-Masih Al-antiochi added “ ” And I thank God to your royal greatness for your satisfaction with my book, which is full of the greatness of your deeds and the aphorism of your words and deeds, just as I thank God for the greatness of my Lord and The Guardian of my blessings, I am the most highly satisfied with the sincerity of my services to his Sunni couch and his satisfaction as your satisfaction is sheep and his acceptance of this Mamluk slave as your acceptance is Saud.

He continued, “in order to complete the service that I started in that precious book, I took the initiative to put this book and branded it in the name of Your Majesty The Sultan, and collected in it what is important for Egyptians to learn from the history of Upper Egypt, the opening of the noble Alawite family of Muhammadiyah in this country, the details of the tourism of your greatness of the Nile in that fertile level and the I hope that he will have his share of the satisfaction of your greatness and the greatness of your brother (Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi), I raise this Mamluk slave, who is proud of his sincere services to his Arab nation”.


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