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Policy, Objectives, and Media Approach of the Arab Ahwaz State Television Channel


Channel Policy:
The television channel adopts a neutral stance and advocates a balanced approach in its journalistic work. It subscribes to the principles of freedom of expression and pluralism of opinions while promoting open discussion and tolerance towards others. It strongly opposes all forms of extremism and terrorism, in compliance with international standards set by the United Nations and human rights.

Objectives and Aspirations:
The primary objective of establishing the Ahwaz State television channel is to raise awareness about the legitimate rights of the inhabitants of Ahwaz, who have been deprived of their rights since 1925 due to Iranian occupation. The channel considers the Arab Ahwaz State an integral part of the Arab community, particularly the Arab Gulf states, and aims to preserve its territorial integrity and unity. It aspires to garner the support of the Arab, Muslim, and international communities in recognizing its status as a sovereign and independent state.

Channel Approach:
The channel’s activities encompass the production of daily news bulletins at both national and international levels, as well as the broadcasting of debate programs and documentaries aimed at informing societies worldwide about the legitimacy of the Arab Ahwaz State and its restoration to its previous status before its unlawful occupation by Iran. The channel also strives to reassess the unjust laws imposed on the people of Ahwaz and shed light on their neglected cause for over a century.

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