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Intimidating messages …The occupation summons 5 teachers in Ahwaz (the names

In messages threatening the struggle of teachers in Al-Ahwaz, the Persian occupation intelligence and repressive agencies summoned five teachers and union activists from occupied Ahwaz, in order to mobilize their labor movement to demand their rights.
The occupation intelligence summoned the teachers Bahania Bahama Nejad, Shahryar Shirvani, Siamak Shahrzai, Iqbal Tamradi and Kokab Badaghi, to Branch 12 of the Revolutionary Court of the occupying state in Ahwaz.
Branch 12 of the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of the Persian Occupation in Ahvas, the capital, these teachers and union activists were asked to appear in this branch within five days.
The Persian occupation authorities launched a campaign of arresting many civil society activists and teachers, and a number of teachers present in Ahwaz, Kurdistan, Baluchistan, and Azerbaijan were arrested.

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