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A recent book delves into the political history of Al-Ahwaz, from Islamic times to the rise of the Musha’sha’i State.


The Arab cultural influence is not merely about highlighting the Al-Ahwaz issue by emphasizing cultural works related to this topic, to strengthen its Arab essence.

A book titled “The Arabian Gulf: Arabistan Al-Ahwaz through British and Persian Archives” has recently been published, written by the writer and scholar Hamed Al-Kenani.

This book was released by the Arab House of Encyclopedias publisher.

It delves into the historical roots of the Al-Ahwaz cause, especially through the British and Persian archives.

The book also discusses the geostrategic significance of the Arabian Gulf, focusing on historical realities and events, as well as the history of Arab presence on the eastern coast and the islands associated with this coast and the northern Gulf.

It continues by detailing the political situation of Al-Ahwaz, from Islamic times to the emergence of the Musha’sha’i State, followed by the Ka’bian State in Al-Qaban, and the emirate of Al-Mardaw in Al-Muhammarah up to the events of World War I.

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