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Protest in Brussels condemning Iran’s occupation of Arab Ahwaz state



On the memory of the occupation of the Arab Ahwaz state, the Ahwazi community in exile organized a protest in the Belgian capital, Brussels, to condemn the Persian occupation and the crimes committed by Iran in the occupied Arab Ahwaz state.

Members of the Ahwazi community from Belgium and residents of neighboring European countries, including the Netherlands, Germany and France, participated.

On the anniversary of the occupation of Al-Ahwaz in April 1925, the people of the Ahwazi community in the countries of exile called on the Persian occupation, the international community and the European Union to stop the crimes of the Persian occupation in Al-Ahwaz, stressing that the Arab Al-Ahwaz issue is a humanitarian issue for a people occupied by a brutal racist occupation that targets the Arab and historical identity of the state Ahwaz.

The people of the Ahwazi community accused the Persian occupation state of seizing Ahwazi gas and oil, changing the course of the Ahwazi rivers to the cities of Isfahan and Rafsanjan, and drying up the rivers that polluted the environment and its negative impact on the Ahwazi people.

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