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Ali Amouri is facing death in the prisons of the Persian Occupation.


Ahwazi sources have uncovered reports of torture and worsening health for Mohammed Ali Amouri, a 45-year-old poet and blogger from the Ahwazi Cultural Dialogue Institute. The Iranian occupation forces have detained him in their oppressive prison system.

Amouri has been imprisoned by the Iranian occupation since 2011 and is suffering from severe pain in his chest due to a broken rib which was not treated during his interrogation. He also experiences pain in his eye and has lost vision in one eye due to eye lens darkening.

However, prison authorities and investigators affiliated with the Iranian occupation refused to grant him a three-day leave. When his father passed away a few years ago, the officers did not even give him a few hours off to attend his father’s funeral.

In the winter of 2009, the Ministry of Information of the Persian occupation arrested the founding members of “Al-Hiwar”, which was a cultural institution active in the field of the language and culture of the Arab people in the occupied Arab state of Al-Ahwaz.

Hashem Shabani Amouri, a poet and teacher of Arabic literature, and a graduate student in political science, and Hadi Rashidi, a chemical engineer and chemistry teacher at Ma’shour High School, were executed in February 2013.

Two brothers from the “Al-Hiwar” members, “Sayed Jaber” and “Sayed Mukhtar Al-Bushuki”, were sentenced to death, along with Muhammad Ali Amouri and “Rahman Asaker”, and even their sentence was confirmed in the Court of Appeal. The sentence was later passed in the form of an “unofficial” bungled and turned into “life imprisonment”.

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