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Alarm for allergic patients:… The Ahwaz air is unhealthy.


The air quality Monitoring System in the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz has warned that the air in Ahwaz is unhealthy, with high air pollution, which is unsuitable for allergic patients.

According to the Ahwaz Air Quality Monitoring System, the Air Quality Index is based on measuring the suspended particles of 2.5 microns at the Newside 155 Ahwaz Station, the Ahwaz 154 drilling station and the Ahwaz 3 power station equal to 152 micrograms per cubic meter so this city’s condition was “unhealthy.”

The air quality index at the Hawaz Environmental Protection Station was 147 micrograms per cubic metre.

During this period, based on the amount of hanging molecules measuring 2.5 microns, the air quality index in the provinces: Alfalhya, Cover-up 130, Salihiya 114 and Quneitra was 113 micrograms per cubic meter, so the air condition in these cities was “unhealthy for the sensitive groups. “

According to hanging particles the size of 2.5 microns, the air of the Solomon mosque was in “acceptable” conditions, and none of the cities of Ahwaz were in a “clean” state.

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