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Al-Kaabi meets with a UNESCO official regarding the Iranian occupation’s marginalization of the Arabic language in Ahwaz


Dr. Aref Al-Kaabi, the President of the Executive Committee of the Arab State of Al-Ahwaz, met with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) official, Marie Wan Jouris, yesterday in Paris.

During the meeting, the topic of the Iranian occupation state’s practices in erasing the Arabic language was discussed.

The meeting addressed the dangers of the diminishing Arabic language and its threat in the Arab regions of Al-Ahwaz as a result of the colonial policies adopted by the Iranian authorities.

Dr. Aref Al-Kaabi expressed his deep concern about the deterioration of the Arabic language in those areas and the importance of preserving its cultural and linguistic identity.

On her part, Marie Wan Jouris affirmed UNESCO’s commitment to supporting endangered languages and cultures, and expressed the organization’s readiness to cooperate with the Arab Ahwaz and provide technical and knowledge support to preserve and enhance the Arabic language in Al-Ahwaz, as well as to pressure the Iranian occupation authorities to stop marginalizing the Arabic language and destroying Arab heritage landmarks in Al-Ahwaz.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Aref Al-Kaabi expressed his appreciation for UNESCO’s efforts and his readiness for future cooperation in this regard.

He emphasized the importance of enhancing global awareness of the problems of endangered languages and the joint work to preserve linguistic and cultural diversity.

The meeting came in the context of the United Nations’ celebration of International Mother Language Day, which falls on the 21st of February each year.

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