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Al Kaabi explores avenues of collaboration with a Syrian team to resist the Iranian occupation.


Dr. Aref Al Kaabi, leader of the executive entity of the State of Arab Al Ahwaz, welcomed a Syrian delegation from the Netherlands, led by the engineer Raed Dahmoush, head of the Dutch-Syrian institution Dar Al-Sharq.

Al Kaabi and his Syrian counterparts discussed future partnership prospects between the civic entities of Al-Ahwaz and Syria, in support of the cause of the two twin nations against Iranian interference.

The head of the executive entity of Arab Al-Ahwaz and the Syrian delegation also talked about enhancing their initiatives for the benefit of the two brotherly nations and their liberation from Iranian oppression.

Al-Kaabi and Dahmoush emphasized the importance of joint action and the unity of the Arab peoples, thereby forming a strong bulwark against Persian expansionist ambitions and against the spread of the “Persian culture” among Arab elites and the general public.

The Syrian delegation praised the efforts made by the executive entity of Arab Al-Ahwaz to raise awareness in the Arab world about the situation of Al-Ahwaz under occupation, expressing its unwavering support for the people of Al-Ahwaz in their resistance against the Iranian invader and backing efforts to end this occupation.

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