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On the International Day of the Arabic Language. The possession executive is always in a struggle against the Persian machine.


The struggle of the Executive Committee of the Ahwaz State does not stop at preserving Ahwaz and recovering it from the hands of the Iranian occupier, as well as preserving its identity and language from the Persian machine. Earlier, Dr. Aref Al-Kaabi sent a letter to the relevant international and Arab institutions in order to pressure the Iranian Government to teach Arabic at various levels of education.

On the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language, we are re-publishing a report on the Al-Ahwaz struggle at the international level, carried by the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the State of Al-Ahwaz, Dr. Kurdish – Baluchi..and others), pointing out that there are 12 million Arabs deprived of their mother tongue, the Arabic language, which is the fifth language in the world, in teaching it in the stages of education in the Persian occupation state

Al-Kaabi added that Iran deliberately teaches children of non-Persian peoples to enter education to take tests in Persian, for admission to schools, pointing out that 40% of the people of Ahwaz do not know Persian, because their language at home is Arabic, which is repeated in one way or another in the Kurdish regions. Baluchi and Azeri.

The Iranian government has implemented a “Persian language education” program whereby children are enrolled in schools in areas where their mother tongue is not Persian to pass a Persian language proficiency test.

Al-Kaabi continued that the Persian regime violates international covenants and decisions in teaching the mother tongue in non-Persian peoples’ regions, and the “UNESCO” decision that calls for preserving the mother tongue, pointing out that Tehran’s ban on teaching Arabic in Al-Ahwaz violates international decisions and conventions, explaining that teaching bans Teaching the Arabic language is not only a violation of international charters and laws, but also adopts a project to prey on Al-Ahwaz and change its Arab identity.

Al-Kaabi stressed that speaking in a mother tongue in government departments and the street constitutes a crime punishable by law, and there are hundreds of activists defending the mother tongue of non-Persian nationalities facing arrest and execution, pointing out that Ahwazis are prohibited from speaking Arabic in government departments in Al-Ahwaz, calling on the international community By putting pressure on the Iranian regime to teach the mother tongue of non-Persian peoples in the schools of their regions.

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