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Aref Al-Kaabi: sanctions The European Union and Canada. against Iran are an important plan to con front Tehran’s terrorism


The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the occupied Arab Ahwaz state, Dr. Aref Al-Kaabi, welcomed the sanctions imposed by the European Union and Canada on Iran, considering them an important plan to confront a repressive regime terrorist .

Al-Kaabi said that the imposition of sanctions by the European Union and Canada on Persian officials and institutions is a plan to confront Iran’s terrorism in the region, its suppression of demonstrators in the geography of what is called Iran, and a step to support non-Persian peoples in achieving their hopes of ending the occupation.

Al-Kaabi added that the international community is required to take decisive stances towards the Persian behavior, which is considered to have the upper hand in the instability of the region and support for terrorist groups, and that this behavior has become a threat to the European Union countries after the participation of Iranian marches in the war on Ukraine.

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