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Ahwaz is the jewel of interests


According to researcher Aaron Eitan Mayer; The CIA has identified Ahwaz since the 1950s, as a potential weak point for Iran; Because it contains multiple resources, and therefore is considered a vital region for the Iranian regime in terms of its economic, security, military and political advantages, as well as its oil and gas wealth; Ahwaz owns about 12% of the world’s oil reserves and 16.2% of gas, and it has the largest number of coastal cities on the Arabian Gulf, and is located in a geopolitical region on one of the most important sea routes, not only to Asia, but to the world.

This important location led Ahwaz to be considered an “important center for the development and establishment of the Persian identity”, which required the destruction of the original Arab identity in Al-Ahwaz in order to create a new Persian entity that reflects a character and culture hostile to the Arabs and to other peoples in the region.

China has participated in oil investment projects in Ahwaz, specifically in the fields of Hawr Al-Hawiza, in cooperation with Iranian companies affiliated with the Iranian Oil Company, and others directly and indirectly affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards. The Iranian government has concluded an agreement with China under which Chinese companies extract oil from the Hawr fields. Al-Hawizeh for ten years, and you will get it free of charge for five years in recognition of China’s political and economic positions in support of Iran, under this agreement, and in return for the oil extracted for the benefit of Chinese companies; These companies will leave their oil facilities to the Revolutionary Guards after the first five years, specifically in 2020, and the Revolutionary Guards will acquire those facilities. China will then pay the price of the oil extracted from these wells in the form of goods to be exported to Iran, in order to escape the sanctions imposed on Iran.

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