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Rare Photograph of the Founder of the Ahwaz State, Al-Masha’sha’i


The cultural site Karoun highlighted an unusual image of the emir Al Masha’sha’i, Mawlay Abdullah bin Mawlay Nasrallah from 1966.

This image was discovered while searching the British national archives from the year 1966, the year in which his father passed away in Hawiza.

According to these same British archives, the image is of Mawlay Abdullah bin Mawlay Nasrallah bin Emir Mawlay Faraj Allah II bin Emir Nasr Allah I bin Emir Badr bin Emir Abdul Muttalib I bin Mawlay Khalf bin Mawlay Ali bin Muttalib bin Haydar bin King Muhsin bin Sayed Mohammad Al-Masha’sha’i, the initiator of the Ahwaz State Al-Masha’sha’i with Hawiza as its capital.

The Arab Masha’sha’i State was founded in Ahwaz in 1436H during the reign of Mohammad bin Falah bin Hibat Allah, making Hawiza its main city.

This Arab state managed to maintain its independence against the invasion attempts by the Ottomans.


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