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Visit of an Iraqi delegation to the headquarters of the Ahwaz State Executive aimed at enhancing Arab cooperation against Iranian occupation


Dr. Aref al-Kaabi received an Iraqi delegation at the headquarters of the Ahwaz State Executive in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

This comes as part of the efforts of the Ahwaz State Executive to enhance joint action to confront Iranian threats in the region.

The Iraqi delegation included prominent figures in the political and social life of Iraq, such as Sheikh Awad Al-Abdan, one of the leaders of the heroic front against the Iranian project, who has a significant influence in the Iraqi city of Basra, and Sheikh Mohammed Al-Kaabi, a prominent figure in Iraq and a symbol of the Al-Kaabi family in Iraq.

The delegation arrived at the headquarters of the Ahwaz State Executive from the United States, where it held fruitful meetings.

The discussions between the Iraqi delegation and Dr. Aref al-Kaabi focused on enhancing cooperation and coordination in confronting the Iranian occupation and working to enhance stability and security in the region.

Several issues of common interest were also discussed.

This visit is an important step in enhancing Arab, especially Iraqi-Ahwazi, cooperation in confronting the Iranian occupation, and it was welcomed by the Ahwaz State Executive, as they expressed their happiness with the visit of the Iraqi delegation and their commitment to collective work to achieve common goals.

The President of the Ahwaz State Executive pointed out that this cooperation reflects the Arab will to defend rights and sovereignty, and enhances the status of the Ahwazi issue on the international stage.

Sheikh Al-Abdan also emphasized the importance of Arab unity and solidarity in facing current challenges, noting that Iraq and Ahwaz share a long history of struggle against Iranian hegemony.

This visit comes amid escalating regional tensions and ongoing Iranian threats, reflecting the Arab countries’ determination to confront these challenges and achieve stability and security in the region.

It is expected that this visit will lead to the enhancement of Iraqi-Ahwazi cooperation and coordination in the coming period, and to strengthen joint efforts to confront Iranian threats and achieve security and stability in the region.

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